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Inman Aligner

A fast and efficient way to straighten front teeth

What is it?

  • It is a simple removable appliance used to align front teeth quickly and safely

  • Efficient, effective and a great value aligner particularly when minimal alignment is required

  • Usually used before other cosmetic procedures such as whitening, crowns or Mini Smile Makeovers

  • As it is removable, you can take out to fit your lifestyle

How does it work?

  • The Aligner has Nickel Titanium coil springs that gently oppose each other

  • This guides the teeth into their new position

  • These gentle forces are active over a very large range of movement

  • The Aligner is worn for 16-20 hours a day

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inman top_bottom_aligner_ARROWS2.jpg

Why Inman?

  • Achieve great results using just one appliance

  • Most treatments are completed within 6-18 weeks

  • Safe, gentle and speedy alignment treatment

  • Removed and inserted as easily as a retainer

  • Can be used for minimal alignment before other cosmetic procedures

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Please see our Premiere Melton Fee Guide for prices 

To find out more about the Inman Aligner or to book an appointment, please get in touch.

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