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Charitable Projects

Charity plays a big part of our mission here at The Melton Clinic, and we are always looking for ways for our team to be able to support great causes be that local, national or international.


Whether you are having dental treatment, aesthetic treatment or any other treatment at our clinic, a percentage of that is put aside to support our charitable endeavours.


It is very much hoped that as The Melton Clinic continues to grow, our charitable work will grow alongside it, and we’re excited by that very prospect.


As an organisation we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously and this encompasses the entire range of working with charity partners to help the needy, to employing environmentally friendly polices at the practice to linking in with local community groups to help the communities within which we practice.

Mouth Cancer Awareness Walk Fundraising


The team at The Melton Clinic would like to thank all those that donated to this worthy cause and all those that supported us in our 10K walk.

We hope that this will go some way in supporting the excellent work that the foundation does in supporting patients, families and carers with oral cancer.

Careers Fayre, Longfield Academy - 7th November, 2019

longfield 2.jpeg

During November, The Melton Clinic Staff attended a careers fair at the Long Field Academy. It was a great opportunity to meet with students, parents and teaching staff and talk to them about careers in healthcare. 

At the Melton Clinic we firmly believe in helping inspire the next generation and ensure that every student who has the desire and ability to pursue a career in healthcare is able to do so by having access to high quality advice, support and work observation placements. 

Health Fair, Melton Vale Sixth Form College - 2nd October, 2019


Oral and Physical Health Promotion plays a big part of our work here at the Melton Clinic. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to take our roadshow to Melton Vale Sixth Form College to talk to students and staff about how to be sugar smart and how to make healthy food choices. 

With good oral health being essential to general health and well being,  it was great to be able to talk to students about the mouth-body connection and how it enhances social interaction, promotes self esteem and feelings of wellbeing.  

Mouth Cancer Awareness Walk - Saturday 28th September 2019

MCW 2_edited.png

The entire team at The Melton Clinic would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the support we have received for our 10k Mouth Cancer Awareness charity walk.

We had set a target of £250 and ended up raising £794.45!

Your donations will go a long way in supporting those affected by mouth, throat and other head & neck cancer by providing vital support and information for patients, carers and health professionals.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from the event!


Oral Health Promotion Talk, Sherrard Primary School


In May, staff from the clinic visited Sherrard Primary School to deliver a talk as part of the National Smile Month aimed at educating pupils on how best to take care of their teeth.

It is a staggering thought, but in primary schools across the UK around eight or nine children in every class will have already developed tooth decay. That’s approaching a quarter of a million children in each primary school year and around 3.3 million young people aged 0-14 years.

Almost 9 out of 10 hospital tooth extractions among children aged 0 to 5 years are due to preventable tooth decay and tooth extraction is still the most common hospital procedure in 6 to 10 year olds, according to Public Health England data up to 2019.

At The Melton Clinic we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure and genuinely hope that early education will result in healthy teeth for life.

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